Eddie Coldrick

And I make web things. And occasionally music things. And sometimes video things.

I am...

16 years old


An avid coder, musician, and editor

I work as an IT Support Apprentice with Essity Manchester (we make Cushelle and Plenty 😉)

Connect with me...

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I love to watch...

The Imitation Game

The Social Network

And others...

I love listening to...

  • Anders Enger Jensen (Synth-pop)
  • David Lowe (TV Music incl. BBC News Theme and Countdown)
  • Dave Hewson, Bill Baylis and Johnny Pearson (Stock Music News Intros and Beds incl. ITV News Theme)
  • Rael Jones (TV, Film Music incl. BBC The Salisbury Poisonings)
  • Jacob Porter performing as SpyFly (Friend)
  • Chris Hendricks performing as Screenhog
  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Film Music incl. The Social Network)
  • Steven Francis (All The Stations Themes and Beds)
  • Pierre de Vitton performing as Peyruis (Non-copyright Royalty Free Electronic)
  • Rob J Madin performing as Brett Domino (Funny videos and songs that illustrate the pure complexity of writing music, while also saying it's easy)

And more that I am bound to have forgotten...

Some interesting pages on my website...

Does the Quadro P4000 have DP++ (dual-mode) ports?

Cheers to Contabo for hosting, Font Awesome for icons, TailwindCSS for styling, and GIMP for the image editing.

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